Best Weight Loss Diet – Tips – Foods – Effectiveness

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There are various types of food which is being consumed on daily basis. There are some of the food which contains lot of calories and in other there are no calories.

In today’s time when there are lot of lifestyle disorders and everyone is gaining lot of weight it is necessary to know the Best weight loss diet which could help in reducing the weight.

List of Best Weight Loss Diet

Weight could be gain due to number of reasons but food could help a lot in reducing the weight and some of the best food which help in reducing weight are as follows –

1. Eggs – It is one of the best food which contains high amount of protein, fats which are good for the body with a small amount of calories and other nutrients required for the body.

If it is taken in the breakfast then it would give a sense of fullness and lesser need to consume other items.

Compared to other food items it gives more of nutrients and a strong sense of fullness to the stomach.

Due to less of food items consumed it helps to reduce the weight by having lesser fats and carbohydrates.

2. Salmon – There are different fishes but Salmon is the best of all which contains the best of nutrients like high protein, healthy fats, fatty acid and many more.

It contains good amount of omega 3 and 6 fatty acid which would reduce the inflammation and thus reduce obesity as well as metabolic disorders.

3. Green leafy vegetables – In order to lose the weight, it is required to fill the hunger but by consuming lesser amount of calories.

By consuming more amount of green leafy vegetables it would give the best of minerals and vitamins with less of carbohydrates and calories.

It is also a high source of fiber which would help in digestion and make to lose weight. As it would make the stomach fuller for a longer period of time.

4. Beans – It is a very rich in fiber food which helps in losing weight for making it full longer and control the hunger.

It would lower the level of bad cholesterol and increase the good level of cholesterol. This would also reduce the cardiovascular problems.

It has high source of protein with very low level of calories. In this category there are black beans, lentils, kidney beans and many more.

5. Avocados – It is a very high source of fatty acid, potassium, fiber and other nutrients. It is though high in calories as compared to other fruits and vegetables.

It would satisfy the hunger for longer time and helps in to reduce the weight. The people who consume this have the lower BMI, waist as well as weight of body.

If it is consumed moderately every day it would reduce the weight considerably.

6. Yogurt – It is the best food for the health of gut and plays a significant role in weight loss. It contains huge amount of protein level as well as probiotics.

If the health of gut is good then it would reduce the weight considerably. So eating more amount of fiber as well as bacteria for gut it would keep it good and helps to reduce the weight considerably. Do not add the sugar to it, as it would add calories to it.

7. Fruit – It contains the maximum of nutrients with natural sugar which is not harmful as that of refined sugar.

Those eating fruits on regular basis would reduce the fat as compared to those eating processed food.

It contains high volume of fiber and anti-oxidants. People who are in the habit of having fruit would less like to face the problem of obesity.

8. Nuts – It is a very good source of fiber and protein. Having food which has high source of protein as well as fiber would keep it fuller.

If taken in moderate amount would lead to weight loss. Those having the nuts on daily basis would be healthier and not obese.

9. Boiled potatoes – It contains high amount of potassium and other nutrients. It is considered to be the Best weight loss diet as it would make the stomach fuller for longer period of time.

It helps a lot in controlling the blood pressure. By eating this boiled potatoes other food items would be consumed less.

10. Whole grains – It contains large amount of protein as well as fiber. It has the soluble fiber which would help in metabolic activity.

This diet is of low calories and eating it would help in losing the weight. Never take the refined grains as it would not add any benefit to the health.

It should be whole grain to have the effect of reduced weight.

Some tips for weight loss

  • Drink lot of water and especially it should be before the meals.
  • Take green tea regularly as it contains anti-oxidant which would help in fat burning.
  • Drink coffee but it should be black coffee.
  • Take the probiotic supplements to improve the gut.
  • Do the exercise on daily basis to burn calories
  • Eat smaller amount of foods as it would add less calories
  • Eat low calorie diet so that it would not add to fat.
  • Do not eat the processed foods.
  • Eat more of fiber rich foods as these are considered to be best weight loss diet.
  • Chew the food properly so that it would be easy to digest.

To reduce the weight, it is necessary to take care of the health by having the Best weight loss diet which contains all the nutrients but less of fat and it should be stomach fuller as well.


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