Cancer Symptoms – Early Signs

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There are many of the disease which had outburst in our society. Some of them are known but now more of new things are being discovered but there are many which now we could detect and have awareness about it. The disease which had become the second common cause for death is the Cancer.

The main reason behind this that it could not be detected earlier as most are not aware of the cancer symptoms.If this could be detected earlier then it could be cured. Depending on the age the screening of the cancer is done by the doctor for precaution but its symptoms should be carefully watched such as –

Top cancer symptoms

1. Excess of fatigue – In today’s time the pressure of work and stress is so immense that it is difficult to get time for oneself.

The daily routine involves various things like exercise or gym, social commitments, profession commitments and may others.

If after day long of work and stress, individual wants to get into bet then this is fatigue.

But in case it becomes difficult to get out of the bed even after excessive of rest then there is something alarming for which doctor visit should be made.

There are some types of cancer which take away the energy from our body such as thyroid cancer, lymphoma and some others.

2. Sweats in night – There may be times during summer when there are not electricity or cooling machines are not working.

To get sweat on that night is normal but on daily basis, even after proper cooling in the room then also sweating is there then it is the sign of worry.

This is the most common sign in the case of lymphoma cancer. So it should be properly checked by the doctor.

3. Change in skin color – There are various things which are being used for maintain the skin and from this some of them could make the skin color change a bit.

But if there is huge change in color or skin as if it becomes yellow in color then there might be chances of having liver cancer.

As in this the liver function gets disturbed and could change the color to yellow. If a person is suffering from respiratory cancer then the color of the skin will change more towards the blue color.

So in case of any change in color which are not known then it should be carefully watched and checked.

4. Armpit Lump – This is a position which generally is not taken care off. But there are cases found then there are lump in the armpit and it is the reason for cancer especially the breast cancer and lymphoma cancer.

So it should be regularly checked and in case of any lump found it should be immediately reported to the doctor.

5. Pain in bone – At times their pain in bones due to the old age or any injury which could prolong for years or lifetime.

But if the pain is not due to these reasons or pain has different intensity then it should be got checked by the doctor.

As it is the symptoms of bone cancer and could not be ignored.

6. Losing weight – Most of the time various efforts are being put in order to reduce the weight but the weight reduces slowly and steadily.

But suddenly if the weight gets reduced without any reason or getting reduced in double digit figure then it is a matter of concern.

It causes changes to the digestive practices which could detect the cancer at early stage if noticed carefully.

There could be chances that person is suffering from throat, esophagus, stomach cancer and various others.

7. Numbness – Suddenly if the numbness in the hands and feets gets started then it could be severe sign of brain or spine cancer.

It means that if the person could not able to feel the pinch then it is the sign of numbness.

8. Throat lump – There are various diseases which make it difficult to swallow the things such as thyroid, hiatus hernia and many others.

But if the lump is not due to any of the disease then it is a matter of concern as it could be the early sign of throat cancer.

9. Swallowing difficulty – In the time of mild cold there are times when it becomes difficult to swallow.

But if this is not there then also one is facing difficulty in swallowing the food then it might be the case of thyroid or esophagus cancer.

This should be carefully noted and checked by the doctor.

10. Long coughing – There are times when a person faces cold and despite of all the treatment as well as medication, it could not get rid of.

This is to be carefully noticed as it could be the reason of thyroid or lung cancer. It should be treated immediately by the doctor.

11. Rib pain – There are various functions being performed by the rib like workouts, sleeping in different odd positions.

Due to this there could be pain in the rib area but if the pain continue for long then it could be the sign of liver or bone cancer.

In liver cancer there would be pain on the right of rib cage but on other hand in bone cancer there could be pain in the ribs.

12. Petechiae – If there are bruises which start occurring on the skin that too without any particular reason then person should take concern and visit the doctor.

These could be the early sign of cancer such as lymphoma or leukemia. These bruises are often misunderstood with any of the skin disease.

Many a times these cancer symptoms are given separate treatment or completely ignored without understanding or finding the main reason behind it.

13. Change in vision – With the age or working culture there are reasons that there would be change in the vision.

But if suddenly there are changes in the vision and that too without any reason then this could be the early sign of optic nerve or brain cancer.

These changes in the vision should be immediately needs to be informed to the doctor.

14. Swelling in face – There are times when does not able to take proper rest in the night then next morning there could be swelling in face.

But if for no reason swelling on face is there and it keeps on increasing then it could be reason of breast, thyroid, lung, or lymphoma cancer.

15. Lymph enlarged – If there is unknown increase in lymph, then this could be serious and should be dealt as soon as possible.

These enlarged lymph are the earlier sign of lymphoma, blood or leukemia cancer.

16. Bloating – Due to disturbance in the food habits, excessive intake of salt, changes in hormones there could be bloating. But in case these are not the reason behind bloating and after taking medicine proper relief is not there then it could be due to stomach or colon cancer.

17. Anemia – If the person is taking adequate and healthy diet then also there are deficiencies in them of blood then it’s a concern.

As due to bone, lymphoma, myeloma, leukemia, colon and stomach cancer there could be decrease in the blood count as sometimes there are excessive of bleeding which takes place.

These cancer symptoms needs to be taken care of, but still there are many which depends on person to person. So every individual should be careful that if anything happens in there body without any specific reason should take this in concern and visit there doctor immediately.


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