Color Blindness Symptoms (Reasons,Types,Treatment)

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There are different types of disease and some of these are being misinterpreted with the ignorance of it. A disease with color blindness is there which often been misinterpreted with lack of knowledge.

Most of the people are color blind and could not able to distinguish between certain colors. All the people do not have the color blindness for the same color.

But to identify that they are suffering from this thy need to understand what it is and what is color blindness symptoms. This should be known by everyone so that they could help the near ones who are dealing with such issues.

About Color blindness

It is a condition when a person could not able to see the colors in a usual way. Could not able to distinguish between some of the colors.

Mostly the color blind person does not able to differentiate mainly between green and red, rarely some of could not able to recognize blue.

But color blindness could be of any color. This is the defect which is there with an individual from birth but sometimes it has been detected later in the life while some have this defect in the later stages of life.

This color blindness does not impact the vision.

Reason for color blindness

There are cells which is present in the eyes such as –

  • Rods – It detect light and dark color
  • Cones – Detect the color

Cones are of three types which identify the color green, red as well blue. Color blindness occur when in eyes one or more of cones are missing or functioning properly then it could lead to color blindness symptoms.

Symptoms for detecting color blindness

There are various symptoms from which the color blindness could be detected. In children also there are clear signs of color blindness which needs to be identified properly –

  1. Not able to see the colors and even its brightness in same way as it is.
  2. Could not able to differentiate between shades of the same type of colors.
  3. Affected person smells the food before eating
  4. Will have good vision in the night.
  5. Eyes are sensitive to the lights which are bright
  6. Having problem in reading the pages which are colored.
  7. Person may be having headache or pain in eyes when they see red on green color background and vice versa.

Causes of color blindness

Most of the persons suffering from color blindness have this defect from birth. This type of color blindness is known as congenital blindness.

But in some cases the color blindness happens in the later age of life. This could be due to diseases, vascular disease, trauma, side effects of medicine, metabolism problem, damage in retina and many others.

It mainly effects both the eyes in a different manner and gradually with time it increases.

Types of color blindness

There are different types of color blindness and the most common one’s are –

  1. Blue and yellow color blindness – The people with this type of color blindness does not able to see blue and yellow color. Blue appear more towards the green side and also find difficulty to separate yellow as well as red color from pink. Yellow color appear more towards the violet or light gray color.
  2. Red and green color blindness – People who comes under this color blindness are not able to identify certain shades of green and red color. Red appears brownish yellow or black to some while green appears more like beige or yellow.
  • Complete color blindness – There are certain people who could not be able to see any of the color. But in this cases mostly the person is completely blind or having poor vision.

How to test color blindness

There are various test to check the color blindness such as –

  1. Farnsworth lantern test – There are different pair of lights being shown and person need to identify the color. In USA it is used in military to identify the severity of color blindness. It is also used in the industry of aviation for recruitment.
  2. Anomaloscope test – In this two different eye piece having different sources of light in sense of brightness and color. Both need to be matched. If it is not matched properly then person is suffering from color blindness symptoms.
  3. Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue test – With this test it measures even the ability to measure the subtle changes in color. This test is used by most of the industry like graphic designer and inspection for quality of food because employees need to have accurate view of color.
  4. Ishihara test – This test is mostly used in common. There are several pages and each having circle with dots of two or more colors than it. Person need to detect the number in this test. Those having difficulty in viewing have color blindness.
  5. Cambridge test – There are different color screen on the computer. Person need to identify the alphabet C from these different colored background.

Treatment of color blindness

When anyone identifies the color blindness symptoms are present in them, then they might search for its treatment. But there is no cure for this disease.

There are certain things like for red color blindness, person could wear the glasses for it. But for most of the color blindness any cure is not there.

For this they have to memorize many things for managing their daily routine like they need to learn the traffic light on number basis and many other things or need to take help from someone.

If anyone is having any color blindness symptoms then they should contact the eye specialist for the proper diagnosis and treatment if any. Gradually with time or taking precautions it would make the person adapted to this deficiency.


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