Healthy Brain Exercises to Keep Your Brain Sharp

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With the time passes, human becomes weak and to maintain oneself there are lot of efforts which one need to put. These efforts should be in terms of having proper diet with nutrients with exercise and many other things.

As there are exercises to keep our body active and muscles strong with the age. To keep our mind active and alert there are various healthy brain exercises which could make it more active and does not slow down with age.

Top Healthy Brain Exercises

An individual would be able to remember things and will not forget things soon. Here are some of the exercises for brain –

1. Take the shower with close eyes – When we take shower with open eyes then it is the routine thing which is being done on daily basis.

Nothing is new for the brain for which an extra effort is being laid on it. But if shower is being taken with close eyes then our hands will feel our skin and its texture.

It would send the message back to the brain. Which would make the brain work. While taking bath, use of common sense is must so that any injury does not happen.

Even locate the water tap and its temperature with your senses as if the temperature of water is high or low by feeling it on your body and adjust the same accordingly.

Then do all the process of washing, shaving or any other with closed eyes.

2. Change the familiar things – For everything there is a particular place and if the place is changed then it would be different.

Keep the things upside down or change their location. It would enable both side of the brain left as well right to work.

Brain will try to identify the same shapes, picture and color which would be a good exercise.

3. Learn new music instrument – When anyone learn new instrument and if it is difficult then it would need to struggle.

Even the research had proved that if anyone learns anything which is tough for a longer period of time then it would make the mind active and does not make it age fast.

4. Recall the things – Make a list of the daily routine work or grocery or anything else. Try to memorize it and after an hour try to see that how many of the things you remember.

With time try to improve on it. Then try for making the list as challenging as it could be and then try to memorize it.

It would keep the mind active and would not let it become old as well inactive.

5. Make a map – Whenever a new place is being visited, make a map after coming back to home. It would make it active while on the road as well it would help to remember the routes and other things as well.

Try to invent new routes for the regular visit location and draw map of it or whenever a new place is there to visit, draw the map after coming back.

6. Challenge the taste buds – Whatever food being consumed, there are lot of ingredients into it. But rarely we could find is the salt or spice.

If there is less or more of salt or spice in the food we could judge. Now try to identify all the spices and herbs which are there in the food.

It would challenge the taste bud and mind would work to identify the taste of which herbs and spice are included in the dishes.

7. Try new activities –  There are various activities which would help to develop the motor skills in which the eyes, hand as well mind work together such as knitting, playing puzzle, painting, drawing and many others.

With this the brain will remain active and could be able to do other task faster with concentration.

8. Take the cooking classes – If anyone starts learning cooking then there are various things which one would able to use its various senses such as taste, touch, smell and sight.

This require the function of various parts of the brain. As one keeps on trying for the new cuisine. Every time a new cuisine would enable these parts of brain to work and they remain active.

9. Doing math in head – Whenever there are problems of math or need something to calculate. The thing which everyone does is to take the calculator and do the calculation.

Even for the simple calculation we use the calculator. Instead of that do the calculation in your head and this will make it work to be active.

It is known to be the best of healthy brain exercises. Even while travelling on road try to calculate the number manually on head and keep it active.

10. Learn new language – While the new language is being learnt, it would help the mind to remember the new vocabulary and becomes active.

When a person maintain a rich vocabulary then it would reduce the risk of the cognitive decline.

11. Create words – Try to remember the spelling of the word and after this take the first and last alphabet of the word and try to make new words with it in the same manner or by using both the alphabets in the starting or in end.

This would keep the mind active and cognitive abilities would improve.

12. Use the non-dominant hand – Mostly everyone uses one hand predominantly then the other hand.

Most of the work is done by the same hand and if the other hand is being used then the work done would be slower.

But it would keep the mind to use the other part which would make it active. Gradually with time it would start working in the normal pace as of other as mind had become active.


There are various healthy brain exercises, which if done on regular basis would not make the mind dull. The person will remain active even in the older age. If mind is active so thus the parts of the body as compared to others.



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