Top 10 Food for Healthy Brain

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Various food items are being consumed on daily basis and all of them contains various nutrients which help in building our body and its health. But there are times when the body is in need of some of the specific nutrients for its growth and maintenance.

Most crucial part of the body is healthy brain as it is the main center according to which our whole of the body works. For this brain require special nutrients to be healthy and active. So here is the list of food which is mostly required by the brain to be healthy-

List of Food for Healthy Brain

1. Broccoli – It is known to be the best food for brain. It has high amount of Vitamin K in it which helps in improving the brain and cognitive skills. It has the component named as glucosinolates which helps in breakdown of acetylcholine, neurotransmitter.

These helps in performing the function of nervous system properly. It helps in keeping the memory of the brain active.

If the level of acetycholine reduces then it could lead to Alzheimer’s. It also contains a huge amount of Vitamin C which covers around 150 percent of the daily requirement which helps a lot in the functioning of the brain.

2. Green Leafy Vegetables – This is the thing which contain maximum all the nutrients in it such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Vitamin B complex which is required for the proper functioning of the brain or nervous system.

As Vitamin C has anti-ageing properties which help brain to be active, while magnesium keep the cool of the nerves in the mind, and Vitamin B helps in synthesizing the brain.

Vitamin B also circulate the neurotransmitters basically main brain chemical which help in regulating the function of digestion, heartbeat and respiration.

It is also rich source of Vitamin A and K which helps in fighting the inflammation and to keep bones strong.

It has been seen that those who eat vegetables daily, experience the deterioration of mind at lower rate than those who do not consume vegetables on daily basis.

3. Dark chocolate – There are different types of chocolate available in the market but all mainly processed.

Only dark chocolate is one which has the properties of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.

It helps in lowering the blood pressure and improves the flow of blood to both brain and heart.

Those dark chocolate which has maximum amount of cocoa then it adds more to health of brain.

4. Fatty fish – If anyone is deficient in fatty acid then it could lead to damage of the nervous system.

Brain consist of 60 percent fat and from this half of the fat is omega 3 fatty acid. Nerves in the nervous system is covered or protected with sheaths which has high level of fatty acid.

Fish contains omega 3 fatty acid which helps in maintain the nerves in nervous system.

The fish Salmon is the best and most nutritious fish which provide most of the fatty acid to the body.

5. Eggs – It has the high source of various nutrients such as Choline, Vitamin B, Amino Acid, Vitamin A, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium and Iron which gives energy as well as good for brain.

It improves the motor function of the brain and increase the power of memory.

It also promote high level of brain development. Choline helps in making the acetylcholine and neurotransmitter which is a key part to improve the memory as well as communication among the brain cells.

Many a times various people could not able to get choline for their body but with egg everyday then it would provide the adequate level of choline into the body which helps in development of the brain.

6. Avocados – It is a great source of Folate as well as Vitamin K which helps in preventing clot in the brain.

With the clot in brain it could lead to stroke, so with consuming this the chances of getting clot reduces.

It has the highest level of protein and sugar content is lowest when done comparison with other fruits.

It helps to improve the concentration and memory of the brain. It contains high quantity of Vitamain B and Vitamin C, as these vitamins do not get stored in the body and needs to be replenished on daily basis.

It also improves the cognitive function of the brain.

7. Olive oil – The original extra virgin olive oil is best for the brain. It contains polyphenols which are known to be the best antioxidant which improves the memory as well as if any disease is there then to reverse all its effects and cure it.

The best way to consume it is cold and stored at room temperature. In this way it would help in improving the functions of brain.

8. Turmeric – It is the most ancient root which has the healing properties internally as well as externally.

It has a component curcumin which has best of anti-inflammation properties.

It will also boost the anti-oxidant level into the body and helps to improve the oxygen supply to brain.

This will help in attaining the healthy brain which could process all the information in the brain at faster speed.

It also contains dopamine as well as serotonin which helps in improving the mood and makes it easy to tackle depression.

It also allow new cells to grow in the brain which helps to fight with the age related deterioration and keeps the brain active.

9. Pumpkin seeds – It contains good amount of iron, copper, magnesium and zinc. If there is deficiency of zinc then it could lead to various neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, depression or Alzheimer’s.

Zinc is required for the nerves to get proper signal. If there is any deficiency of iron then it could impair the functioning the brain and person would be alive but could not able to do anything.

Copper is being used for controlling the signals of nerve. In case of deficiencies it could not able to transmit any signals.

If there are low level of Magnesium then various neurological diseases could occur such as epilepsy, migraines or depression. It is required for the learning and keeping the mind active.

10. Coffee – It has components such as caffeine and anti-oxidant. This helps to brain to remain active and healthy.

Caffeine make the mind alert and improves mood. The people who consume coffee every day could able to do the work more effectively as compared to those who do not consume it regularly or does it occasionally.

Drinking coffee could save from various neurological disorders as it has high level of anti-oxidant.

A healthy brain could only help a person to concentrate in the things at its best. It could able to process the information properly and at a faster pace.


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