Top Skin Clear Foods (Men/Women)

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Various food items are being taken by everyone and it has various nutrients. Each nutrient work in our body in different ways to maintain it. If anyone is taking an unhealthy diet then it could affect our body functions like metabolism, gaining weight, affect various organs of the body, even it affect the skin and many others.

List of Top Skin Clear Foods

To make the skin glow and to make it better, it is required to have the skin clear foods in your diet. There are various food items which give extra for the skin, here is the list of some of them –

1. Whole grains – Unless anyone is having problem with the grains, it could be taken as it is good for the overall health as well.

It has rich source of Vitamin B, zinc, selenium and magnesium which helps in protecting the skin from damages caused by environment, make it more elastic and prevent from having wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

To have clear skin take whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat pasta and many more.

2. Turmeric – This is the root which has been used since ages. It has number of benefits but the main is that it cures many of the diseases and wounds.

It has high level of anti-oxidant properties which make it beneficial for skin. Due to this skin would become healthy and glowing.

It also has the anti-inflammatory properties at high level which help in healing and soothing the skin diseases especially in the case of sensitive skin which are prone for such diseases.

It could be taken on daily basis in milk or in any other way.

3. Fish – It is a healthy food which contains essential fatty acid like Omega 6 and Omega 3. It helps in reducing inflammation which helps in making the skin clear from the harmful effects of polluted environment.

There are many fishes and some of the fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel had the highest amount of fatty acid.

It has Vitamin B and E with zinc, which helps in repairing of the skin cells. This is best as skin clear foods.

4. Dark chocolate – It has high source of anti-oxidant properties with vitamins and minerals. It would keep the skin hydrated. There are various types of chocolate in the market but the best one is which contains maximum amount of cocoa in it.

It helps in keeping the skin young and protect from any damage. It also improves the wrinkle on skin.

5. Tomatoes – It comprises of lycopene, it is the main reason behind giving it red color.

It helps from protecting any damage from the sun and those suffering from the pigmentation problem or if the skin is sensitive to sun then it would help them get rid of it with time.

It also contains carotenoids which helps a lot in maintaining the healthy skin and prevent from having wrinkles.

6. Nuts – These are full of many nutrients and minerals which are good for the skin. It contains all the nutrients require for making the skin healthy and glow.

It also helps in reducing the inflammation or swelling on the skin due to various diseases like eczema, psoriasis and many others.

It also has high source of Vitamin E and selenium which have anti- bacterial properties and repair the skin.

7. Eggs – It contains high amount of amino acid which helps in promoting the growth of skin cells.

It also has Vitamin D which encourage the cells to repair and grow along with iron which makes the skin clear as well as radiant by supplying the right amount of oxygen to the skin.

8. Avocados – It has high source of fats, Vitamin C and E. Fats make the skin more moisturized as well as flexible to bear the different environment effects.

Vitamin C and E has the properties of anti-oxidant which make the skin breathe and protect from the damage caused by sun as well as environment.

It also protects from the different signs of ageing.

9. Sweet potatoes – It contains the nutrient Beta- carotene which could be converted to Vitamin A. It acts like a natural sunblock to keep the skin healthy.

When it is taken then it would give the protection of skin from the sun harmful effects like sunburn, wrinkles on skin, dryness, and cells death.

It also give it a warm orange kind of color to the skin which adds to the healthier skin.

10. Green tea – It has anti-oxidants which are able to protect the skin from damage of sun and reduce the redness of skin.

It will also hydrate the skin, give thickness and elasticity to it.

Those who are taking the green tea on regular basis found that they would have reduce redness due to the exposure of sun by around 25 percent.

There are many skin clear foods available and by incorporating this on daily basis would make the skin glow and free from any damages due to age, sun exposure or by any other way.


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